US tax issues for participating owner

My well was drilled by company 1which started drilling in late 2012, and completed in early 2013; sold last year to company 2, which quickly sold to company 3. I was billed for, and paid, my share of the drilling costs last year (2013). So far I have received IRS forms 1099 MISC from companies 1 and 2, and nothing from company 3. I did receive one revenue check in 2013 from company 3. I have been assuming I would be receiving a form K-1 from company 3, but they just informed me that since I’m not in a partnership, that I shouldn’t expect a K-1. Who should be providing me with a formal document showing my drilling costs, depreciation on the drilling machinery, and other such stuff? I have a phone call into company 1, since they did the actual drilling. HELP! April 15 nears, so I suspect I’ll end up filing for an extension.

Is this stuff I’ll have to figure out from the detailed line item costs, several hundred line items broken down by category?

Have been told by both companies 1 and 3 that I will not be receiving a K-1, since I am not a partner, which does make sense. So, I’ll be doing my taxes based upon all the paperwork I’ve received in 2013 with regard to revenue and expenses. Didn’t know owning part of a well would be this much fun!