US now the top oil producer in world

We’re No. 1! EIA says U.S. tops Russia to become world oil leader U.S. Energy Information Administration estimates the U.S. – led by production growth from Permian Basin, North Dakota and Gulf of Mexico – has overtaken Russia as the world’s leading producer of oil sooner than expected. U.S. “likely surpassed” Russia in June and again in August with averages of 10.9 million barrels a day compared to 10.8 million b/d for Russia and 10.4 million b/d for Saudia Arabia. (Read more…)

Back where we belong as a nation…MAGA!

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Now if we can get our gasoline/diesel for free like the 2nd place Saudis will can celebrate! Long live 2 mile horizontal builds and 2700 ton/56 stage fracs :wink: