Uranium Royalty - What is standard?

Thrilled to have found this website and all the help it provides. I have been contacted about mining for uranium. I have never signed a uranium lease before so am unfamiliar with the standard terms, such as length and royalty. Does anyone have experience with this or could someone direct me to a website that has information about uranium leasing?


What state and county?

San Miguel County, Colorado

I wondered as you show having minerals in Oklahoma and I wasn’t aware of mining here. Leases are similar to oil and gas with rentals, royalty and term length. Rentals are normally around $10 to $30 per acre for 3 to 10 years or more with option to extend and royalties are around 6% to 20% sometimes on a sliding scale based on uranium prices. They have started mining in Texas and also do a lot in Colorado and Wyoming

Thanks so much for the quick reply - yes, I’ve only done leasing in OK to date. My interests in CO are very, very small and up to now, have been inactive. It sounds like the offer I’ve received falls into the standard range. Thank you again for the frame of reference.