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It looks like leasing has slowed down here in Upshur County. Does anyone know of anybody that is actively leasing here?

I was at the courthouse yesterday and it looks like the landmen are starting to take up more space. Is leasing picking up here?

I currently have a mineral rights lease in District 19 of Upshur County. It comes to an end mid-May. I have not heard from the current lessee and was wondering if it would be good to approach them to see if I should anticipate an offer to extend the lease. Under the current lease they have right of first refusal, should any other offers come forward. I have received a couple letters from other interested companies, but have I have not responded. Thoughts??

Usually, if they're interested in extending the lease they will just send you a check. You won't know until it shows up in your mailbox. You could call them and see if they're interested. It wouldn't hurt anything.

The only company I know that seems to be working at all in Upshur right now is Mountain V. I'd like to know which companies have sent you offers. I have clients with minerals here in Upshur. Could you call my office or stop in sometime? I'm in Buckhannon.

You can respond to those companies that have made you offers. The right of first refusal should just say that you have to give your current lessee the chance to take or leave the offer that the other company makes. Check the wording of the clause to make sure, of course.

If anyone has been approached by the pipeline right of way people, I'd love to know about it.