Hi everyone…things have been very quiet. Anyone have updates? We were shutdown for maintenance for 90 days on two wells. Other two are still pumping though over 18 months there’s been about a 90% decline. Not sure yet how the queries maintenance has affected production.

Just yesterday I was looking at CHK lease of the oldest wells in our neighborhood in abstract 440 in production since 8/2010 within 2 miles of us, has maintained average 2500 bbls production from 2 wells for last 6 mo. Also looked at Carrizo operated wells next to us with first completion about 6 mo prior to ours in Abstract 435, which has completed 3 additional wells 10/2014 with IP 528, 553, 612 bbls in 24 hrs. Before the $/bbl decline two leases adjacent NW of us in Abstract 439 added 3 & 4 permits. Encouraging for the future when $/bbl go back up, we will see consistent production & more permits for wells on our abstract 434. Optimistic our rainbow surprise will keep on pumping for sometime into the future.