Update your info about Logan


Sale offer . One for $50 per acre and one for $ 125 per. If you own rights in Logan County you might want to start putting yourself out there. A few short weeks ago, I was not getting anything worth-while. Call me crazy but, unless a Really good sale offer comes along, I am holding on.

Please, can we get more input going? TYhe more we know–the stronger we are!!


@wesleyl240 I’d recommend that you reach out to those individually who are a member of the Logan COunty Group and invite them to dialogue with you.


I am and have been. I am just trying to make people aware that the honeymoon in Weld Couinty may be ramping down. I have 2 offers to sell. Thru my own research, I have decided to wait and see.I believe Logan is on the rise.


Hey Wesley,

In the context of drilling activity, and mineral value that is derived from it, Logan County has a long way to go relative to Weld County. Please see the attached photo that shows the producing horizontal wells in the area. As you can see, Weld County has the vast majority. This is due to the geologic characteristics that are there. Operators drill there first because that is the best rock and they get the best return for their money there. The further away from the red outline you get, the more the reservoir will struggle to produce economic volumes of hydrocarbons. So far, the Niobrara-Codell play has not worked in Logan County. Matter of fact, many of the Niobrara-Codell wells drilled around the fringes of the red outline in Weld County have been very, very poor producers. Until an operator can make a decent economic return for investing capital by drilling horizontal wells in the area, mineral value will stay suppressed. Of course all of that can change with one good well. Either way, best of luck and if you wish to keep track of drilling activity in your area you can do so for free here.


Hi Craig: Thanks for the info. Wesley Tucker


No problem, Wesley. I’m cheering for Logan County myself as I was born and raised in Sterling. Hopefully someone can get a horizontal play working out there.



Hi Craig: I have something working right now. Not a big deal but interesting. Wesley Tucker


I will fill you in later, but right now everything is pending. Wesley