Update your info about Logan


Sale offer . One for $50 per acre and one for $ 125 per. If you own rights in Logan County you might want to start putting yourself out there. A few short weeks ago, I was not getting anything worth-while. Call me crazy but, unless a Really good sale offer comes along, I am holding on.

Please, can we get more input going? TYhe more we know–the stronger we are!!


@wesleyl240 I’d recommend that you reach out to those individually who are a member of the Logan COunty Group and invite them to dialogue with you.


I am and have been. I am just trying to make people aware that the honeymoon in Weld Couinty may be ramping down. I have 2 offers to sell. Thru my own research, I have decided to wait and see.I believe Logan is on the rise.