Update address

Hi, I am an alternate successor trustee and I need to update change the mailing address of multiple mineral rights in several counties in oklahoma. It would also be sensible to update my name as trustee. What sort of paperwork do I need to file? Thank you.

Great question, I would like to see the recendations too.

Normally one would record the memorandum of trust which states you are a successor trustee but not knowing the exact details of the trust as it pertains to the succession I couldn't comment on if an affidavit or other document might be best also recorded. As for change of address just recording an affidavit will work and it can be recorded or included with any other document like the memorandum. Depending on what county fees for first page are $8 to 13 and a $1 per additional page and will need to be recorded in each and every county. It should include legal description so that it can be indexed. If you prefer not to record the memorandum or if it has already been recorded you might just record an affidavit stating you (including your address) are successor trustee of that trust. I take it a deed conveying the interest to the trust has already been recorded.

That is very helpful, thank you. The original memorandum was filed back in 1988 and the previous trustee died 10 years ago. If there are several sections in a county does that mean a separate page for each section needs to be filed or can several sections be lumped on to one page? I think there are 20 counties involved.

All tracts or sections can be listed on same page and all counties can be in same document and then sent to each county. Normally a death certificate of the trustee might be recorded of record also as it will be needed should the trust sell, lease or other giving successor trustee power given them according to the memorandum.

Lovely, thank you so much. Can the death certificate be a photocopy or does it need to be a certified copy?

Yes, most will as long as it is not a stand alone document. Some counties are very picky and will not allow what others might though. You might check with the county as to how you plan to record it as to an exhibit or as an attachment, I always do a certified copy so there are no issues.