I am interested in activity in Sections 13 and 14-19N-18W and Section 7-17N-16W. Specifically production, drilling and leasing activity and terms. Thank you.

Dewey County is not online, so i can't tell you anything about leasing activity because, i do not live in that area.

I may have a chance to check the Coproation Commision's website later today. If I do, I will post.



I too have acreage in Sections 33 and 34 of 17n-16w and would be VERY appreciative of anyone communicating:

- Activity (drilling or leasing), and if so, by what companies (land-men and drillers)

- Prices/terms being realized.

Where can I find the list of info available on OCC’s site? Is that what you refer to, Mathew, the OCC’s site? I


Warning, site is very poorly designed and NOT user friendly.