Unsolicited Offers Suddenly Quadrupling

Hi all,

I own mineral rights in Canadian County, OK. Over the years, I tend to receive about eight unsolicited (lowball IMO) offers a year to purchase my mineral rights. Suddenly, this year, I'm now receiving four of five unsolicited offers a month, and for amounts four times higher than I'm used to. The rights are leased, and I'm receiving checks every month, but not for a lot of money. These unsolicited offers are much higher than the mineral rights seem to be worth. Something isn't adding up. Is anyone having a similar experience, or know if something new is happening in Canadian County?


Robin Buell


Mineral buying is a very big industry right now, which is probably why you are seeing an increase in the offers. A lot of the unsolicited offers your receive in the mail use "bait and switch" tactics to get you to respond to their letter. They will put a large offer on there not knowing exactly what you own and then when you respond to them and pass along your correct information they work up an accurate offer that is usually below what is on the letter. If you do decide to sell, the proceeds from the sale of mineral rights are taxed at the capital gains rate of about 15% instead of the ordinary income tax rate you pay on your monthly royalty checks (usually around 30% depending on your tax bracket). There are government tax breaks like the 1031 Exchange that will help you defer paying taxes on the mineral rights sale, look into that if you decide to sell.



Thank you, Cam!

Join the Canadian Co. group right away, and also post there giving the legals so owners there can share more specific info on what is currently going on.

Thank you, Wesley. It looks like I'm not the only one in Canadian County receiving these high offers.

Hello Robin.

I live own land and minerals in Canadian County. Canadian County has been a hot bed for about 5 to 6 years now, of course, the market crash slowed it up for a couple of years, but the rig count is climbing again. All wells drilled in the "Cana Field and the “Stack” are making good ones, some are really good, some are making millionaires out of mineral owners. My personal experience is to hang on to them. Don’t know how in depth you want information, can direct you to some websites to give you more. Of course being here, on the ground, so to speak, we talk to those people that are actually involved on a daily basis.

Good morning, Tammy.

That's very interesting. I would greatly appreciate more in-depth information. Yes, please direct me to the websites you mentioned. Thank you so much--I really appreciate the help! Being 1,500 miles away, I'm not able to get a good sense of what is happening on the ground (or underground).


Hello Robin,

I apologize for the late reply. The website that have helped me are www.okenergytoday.com, which is a daily email supported by a local news station. On the left side of the computer screen there will be Completion Reports and Royalty Owners Corner, helpful sites. Also, the Oklahoma Corporation Commission, www.occeweb.com, then click on Oil & Gas Division, Industry, Oil and Gas, Imaged Documents, then play with the options to see which one you need. It is not the easiest site to get around in, but is helpful once figured out.

I have 160 acres of mineral in Section 5, Township 13, Range 9W, Canadian County. For us the first well drilled and completed in June of 2010, it was what Devon called a "test" well, the first check was over $000,000.00 then monthly was around $00,000.00 per month until Devon started drilling the next 8 wells in February 2013,the 1st well was shut in to allow the other wells to be drilled. The first check came in September 2014 $0,000,000.00 Monthly payments were around $000,000.00 till the gas and oil market crashed. Since then Devon has cut production severly, waiting for the market to come back, but even at that the monthly check is around $00,000.00 per month. This royalty is for 160 acres with 3/16th.

I tell you this personal information, because I hear so many wanting to sell their minerals. This section has been under production, along with thousands of other wells in Canadian County for around eighty years. My Grandmother received royalty along with my father and now myself. An incident that happened in 1973, my Grandmother, Father and myself were standing on the oil rig speaking to the Company Man, he stated in 1973 that there was oil and gas down there that they did not have the technology to get to YET! Roll forward to May of 2010, my son and I were standing on the drilling rig in the same section, the Company Man stated that there was oil and gas down there still and that they did not have the technology to get to it YET!

A oil and gas employee told me in 2010 that the "Cana Field", which is western Canadian County, southern Kingfisher County, northern Caddo County and southern Blaine county had been predicted to have enough natural gas to provide the United States natural gas for the next 100 years.

These wells I am speaking about are in the Woodford Shale. Devon has begun horizontal drilling on exsisting wells along with new wells into the Merrimac Shale, which is above the Woodford formation in the Cana Field, they are predicting that the wells are even better than the Woodford formation. Only time will confirm that, but so far, the information I have received over the last 44 years on the Canadian County fields have been right on the money!

I understand that some people will need to sell royalty interest for many different reasons, but for our family, holding on to those minerals have been a BLESSING!

Good Luck and hope this info has been of some help, if you have any questions, please ask and if I can I will answer to the best of my ability. I do not check this website as often as I should, will try to be better at that in the future. This is a really helpful forum!

Thank you, Tammy. This information has been very helpful, and definitely answered my question! Much appreciated. Have a great weekend! Robin

Robin, I see you have been referred to the OCC website. There is a printable publication which was just updated in April, the link is below. Lots of good info, including OCC database instruction and how to use the OK Tax Commission website to check a well's production, based on the most current 12 month volumes submitted by the reporting company. Hope this might prove helpful.

Thank you, Wesley!