Unsolicited offer to buy Section 20-15-10W

Greetings, we are new to the Blaine Co. site. We received an unsolicited offer for our 40 acres from Haggard Land Co. Don't know who the principal is:
County: Blaine
STR: 20-15N-10W
Estimated Net Acres: 40
Estimated Royalty: 3/16
Price Per Acre: $12,000
Like I'm sure you folks do, we receive unsolicited offers on a regular basis. We haven't ever responded to these offers, fearing we would be missing out on future activity. Can anyone offer any information regarding the activity in this area, and the reasonableness of the offer? Many thanks. WSD

There are two horizontal wells in your section that were spud in December by Paloma Operating. I'm not real familiar with them but that is a very good area to own minerals, especially with two horizontal wells being drilled. That offer is much too low and I think we'd all advise holding on to the minerals if you can.

Any offers to buy are almost always low if they are unsolicited. Since I am in that township, I can tell you that your offer is low -by a lot.

You also have an increased density order that was approved in late October 2017 for two additional horizontal wells. You should have gotten all the paperwork from Paloma Partners IV, LLC. The outfit offering hopes that you don't know that. If you don't have the paperwork, friend me with the blue icon next to my name and I can direct you on how to get it.

We are not selling anything in Blaine County. It would be useful for you to look up the investor presentations for Continental Resources, Devon, Marathon Oil, Newfield, Paloma, etc. to see what the activity in the area is. You are in a very prolific part of the STACK play with multiple reservoirs and it will most likely have drilling and producing for decades to come.

Mr. Donnell:

That offer is pretty low for this area. You can do better than that.

Todd M. Baker

Thank you, We have engaged a land man to help us determine the true market value of our interests. We are inclined to sell this one. WSD

Mr. Donnell:

Did you come up with any numbers? I might be interested.

Todd M. Baker

We are suffering under a 1/8th lease from 1964. Offers we have received are assuming a 3/16 lease. Not sure where to go from here. We have received acceptable offers, but they are based upon 3/16.

The old 1/8th. Ouch. 33% less than anticipated, but I have purchased lands in

the area that are on 1/8th and might be interested.

We have received offers of $17500 assuming a 3/16. We are interested in bona fide offers assuming a 1/8. WSDESQ@hotmail.com

Thank you for your feedback on this site. We sold our rights to this property for what I believe was a fair price. We received numerous offers from what we concluded were "Flippers" on this property. We learned a bit from our first ever sale of mineral rights. One of the things we learned was that Flippers troll this site to try to take advantage of novice owners. As I understand the game, you will receive an unrealistic offer, followed by an unenforceable contract for sale. The Flipper will try to shop you interests, while "clouding" your title. If they can't get what they promised, you will be in the compromised position of renegotiating. So, seller beware, and let's keep this site operating for it's intended purpose, us royalty owners! Skol, WSD

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Good for you for getting expert advice and a good resolution. Thanks for your feedback to help others out!

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True that!