Unsolicited offer to buy minerals in Reeves cty

we were contacted by a landman for Tularosa oil asking to buy our interest. this is property from my great Aunt that we knew nothing about! but all i can find is a royalty deed dated 7/14/1950 how can I find out if there is another deed out there? this is blk c1 sec 2 PSL This is all the info I received! Steven Allen

I don’t understand what you are asking when you say “how can I find out if there is another deed out there?”.

Below is a link to the Reeves County Clerk’s website where you can search the deed records at no cost. Also attaching Railroad Commission’s map with the area you described outlined in red. The two horizontal wells crossing Section 2 were drilled by Patriot Resources in 2017. Called their Talladega Unit. Have you determined if the interest you inherited was included in that unit?


No I have not I really didnt get much from the landman He said they wanted to buy our mineral interest. from what I found is we ave a royalty interest. also said there is money being held in an account since 1950 couldnt get any more info. we have decided to hire a landman because I have more questions than answers and just spinning circles. navigating this program takes awhile to get use too. What I found was this rouyalty deed between J.W.Kirby and my great aunt Mary Allmon dated June 30 1950 thanks for your response and help in this matter! It is greatly appreciated! Steven Allen

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