Unpaid Royalties on 31 wells for 4 years

I have royalty rights on 31 wells in La Salle with Verdun as the oil producer. Since they took over our account from Rosetta, they have continually underpaid or not paid on various wells EVERY MONTH since 2016. I have brought this to their attention many times with promises the shortages would be on my next check. Never happens. I have audited all 4 years and compiled all the shortages/non payments on a spreadsheet and determined they owe me a lot of backpay - yet they refuse to pay. They even paid me different oil and gas prices on each well for the first two years. I know I need to get an attorney but want to know if I can go after punitive damages. Also, how do I find out if they are extracting Lithium from my wells and selling it? Any help/direction would be greatly appreciated.

You are facing the statute of limitations on being able to collect underpaid or unpaid royalties and need to have an attorney send a letter to get an agreement to toll the statute (suspend) or file a lawsuit to maintain your rights. Lithium is produced from hard rock minerals rather than as a by-product of oil and gas, but perhaps you mean another substance. Good luck.

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I’m sorry I don’t have any advice, but I’m having issues with Verdun as well. They haven’t paid us and they won’t respond to calls and emails. Been trying for months now. The more I see the less I trust this company.

Is your property in Texas, then send them a certified letter. Be very clear on what your problems are and share with them any details you have to help them, help you. Depending on the issue, they have 30 to 60 days to respond, in accordance with the Natural Resource Code of Texas.

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