Unpaid mineral rights

Im hoping someone can help i recieved and signed a lease i recieved from a cheryl farson i signed for the leaseing of my mineral rights and never heard a word back its been 3 years and i cant get anyone to answer my msgs ive never recieved any money or response.

A few items to clarify–did you never receive the agreed-upon bonus payment? This is the one-time payment you would have received to sign the lease. If not, the lease would most likely be void as you never received consideration for executing it.

If you did receive a check to sign the lease but have not received any royalty payments, it is likely that there has not been any production on your property. You should look into what activity there is on or near your property (depending on state and county, this may be able to be done remotely) to determine the best course of action moving forward.

No I never received anything cannot even get a reply back from the ladie that sent me the lease have been trying for 3years