Unleased Mineral RIghts in Cass County

I have inherited mineral rights for property in Cass County that appears to have never been leased. I'm still in the investigational stage, but would like to get these rights making money if possible. Any suggestions?

The oil companies looking to lease have always contacted me. Curently I have leases with DSI and Stroud. If you feel like they may not know how to find you, I suppose you could contact them to see if you are on their list to be contacted. Cass county is heating up.

Hello Kathy...if your property is located where a producer wants to drill & your name & address is registered as owner in whatever county like...(Cass) they will contact you! Have you had any companies send you requests to purchase your rights? Our family has gotten letters like that for over 80 years now of course never selling. If so that confirms your name & address is correct.. Believe it or not NAME & your current ADDRESS is the key to being found. I guarantee you there are many mineral rights owners who's name or address have been lost or not register in every county in Texas..Oil may even be producing out of there mineral rights aera... but the producers don't know who to contact. Many years later..... if you find land & or mineral rights you own have producers working those rights..and they are not paying you, you can get all back payments when your rights are properly registered with the county.