Unleased mineral rights being pooled for drilling

What do I need to do or know about being force pooled into drilling & spacing wells of 1,280 acres? I've recently been notified that there has been application for this. My reason for not signing a lease approx. 3 years ago was that the offer was extremely low and it became a take it or leave it offer. Can I expect to be paid for my share of the royalties or is this equivalent to a "land grab" ?

Others in my family who did sign the "bottom feeding" leases have not been notified of any drilling permits. How would they get information on their lease activity?

Just interested how this turned out......!!!

Sorry for not getting back to you. It all went absolutely no where! There was a problem in the oil industry & I just figured since there was no further communication with the people who informed me of the pooling petition, that it was ended. Those who had signed were never notified of any movement in drilling. Therefore those leases have run out. We have again been in contact with a Landman requesting and getting signed leases for considerably more. This is no business where one should hold their breath thinking something is going happen. !!!