Unleased Mineral Acreage In SW Fayette County

I share mineral interest on 40 acres in southwest Fayette County and have been given one fair offer six months ago by OGM Land (Scout Energy) , but didn’t pursue it hard as I didn’t feel they were really associated with any of the active producers nearby to my knowledge and they haven’t pressed it much either …and I’m surprised that there has been no offers at all since then by anyone …Our property sat between two good chalk wells and we were involve in one in 1980 that came in very well with both oil and gas, but died out quickly as it sat idle waiting for tanks for several months after fraking. That good initial result in the Chalk indicating to me from what we know today means we are decently located over an active area of the Eagle Ford I think.
Our property is located on County Road 169 (Webb Lane) …4 miles west of Flatonia and about one mile Northeast of the intersection of Interstate 10 and the Gonzales County Line . I like some others am hoping that the two new Flatonia wells test out good and stir some interest in my neighborhood .
If anyone can share any info on a good company with interest nearby I’d appreciate comments or suggestions as we are anxious to lease and not trying to hold out for “30,000 an acre” !


At the top of the main page on this forum, you will find a box where you can enter "Fayette County". This will access all posts on this forum involving leasing, etc. for the Fayette County area. There a many comments by individuals on this board with names of companies leasing in that area. Hope this helps.