Unknown Mineral Rights in Reeves County

I keep getting calls from landsmen about selling / leasing my mineral rights in Reeves County. To my knowledge, I do not own mineral rights in this county. But, given my grandfather’s history of winning mineral rights in poker games back in the 1920s, it would not surprise me he won something in Reeves County like he did in Ward County. The landsmen do not provide a description of the land.

Question: How would I do research to see if there are unknown mineral rights in Reeves County? I am not familiar with this type of process and how to do the necessary research.

If you haven’t already tried it the starting point to search for potential interests held by your grandfather would be the Reeves County deed records. You can do free searches of the grantor/grantee indexes on-lline at sites like Texasfile.com or Courthhousedirect.com. But to make a comprehensive search going all the way back to the 1920’s you, or possibly a landman you hire, would need to go check the records on file at the courthouse in Pecos. You can start by doing an on-line search for your grandfather’s name, or the names of other family members who might have inherited mineral rights from him, as grantee in the deed indexes.

For more information on how to locate what you are looking for you might try using the looking glass symbol at the top right side of this page to search the forum for previous post about searching for missing mineral interest. Expect there have been a bunch discussion on your same question.

Chances are you have something, or they would not be contacting you.
You should ask them which interest they’re calling about and have them describe it to you. Ask them to send you an offer in writing… Then you’ll have a better idea of what you have.


BlackGold is right, landmen can and will tell you more if you keep them talking. Call them back, say you want to discuss it some more.

Sometimes, mineral rights of unknown, absentee owners are placed in receivership. Each such receivership was created by a court order listing names of absentee owners, but you must know the county/section and whether there is a receivership existing in that section.

If you want to PM me, I would be glad to help you look for your minerals (free of charge). I have a subscription to DI Courthouse, which gives me access to all the Ward & Reeves County abstracts.

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