Unknown leesee and property address

I own mineral rights in glade, wv. I just inheritated them. I managed to find out who two of the companies that are leasing some of the mineral rights but cant find the third one.

I cant even find the physical address for the land that i ownthe rights to.

Please can anyone help me?

What county in WV? Do you have any probate documents that have a legal listing?

These are in barbour county, wv. Ihave the description from the taxes i pay. I know Abarta , who has been paying small royalities, and i found mike ross from ross and martin who has a lease but has not paid anything to anybody for the lease but I cannot find the third company who is leasing. Mike ross told me thereis a third party but he-did not know who it was.

I cant even find an actual address for the well or property.

I am in the process of transferring all the mineral rights to me. I have the paperwork finally to do that.

You may need to get some help. You cannot transfer them without a legal location. The leases have the location on them.