Unknown activity on our Reeves County land

We were approached by a pipeline company about putting a pipeline across part of our Reeves County land. The deal fell through, but we got an aerial photo showing where the line would go. The photo clearly shows prior activity on this land...a road and several symmetrical something or others. WE have not been contacted by anyone proposing surface activity, so I'm wondering whether this is something I should follow up ion. Any thoughts would be great. If I can figure out how to post the aerial photo I will do so.

John, at the bottom of where you reply to this message it says “upload files”. You can upload the aerial photo there. Linton

Let me know if this shows clearly

713-Reeves.png (428 KB)

Looks good to me. Linton

John -

If you can give me a legal description of the subject lands, I may be able to provide you with more detailed information about your pipeline issue.

A couple of questions, however:

Does your family own the surface of the lands under review?

And, if your family owns any of the Mineral Interests in the subject lands, are they presently under lease and if so, to what company?


Once again, but this time with FEELING, John!

Hey Charles,

After checking Johns' profile page this is possibly his legals:::

Reeves-40 acres, Sec. 6, Blk 50T7, T&P RR, A-5651

Clint Liles

LOL...Sorry Charles...not sure what happened. We own land....surface rights and mineral interests. OXY did not renew a 3 year lease which expired in August.


I am taking an 88 year old friend of mine to lunch and to the grocery store but will look it up when I get home.

UPDATE....turns out OXY, who was leasing our land, prepared the land for drilling, but decided not to drill. However, they never paid us surface damages. They plan to rectify this.

Kinda odd, don't you think?

If this is the first you heard of it I would think it odd, someone should have contacted you unless your lease gave free use of the surface.

As for not paying until "after" the last second, I consider it highly likely they would have never got around to paying damages on their own. Considering they didn't inform you they were there, pushing dirt, in the first place, did they?

Typically a company would negotiate a settlement for damages before they start operations, so yeah, that was kinda odd.

We got a notice of intent from OXY re: surface damage payments, but then I was notified they had decided otherwise. What happened was they did all the surface prep but decided not to drill. The lack of surface damage payment was, apparently, an oversite.