Unit Sections with Multi drilled horizontal laterals is this considered one well with many laterals or many wells

With the multi horizontal laterals per section unit. When they get a permit to drill a well on the unit is this permit for only one lateral or as many as they wish to drill. Also when they report BOE per day is this from just one lateral or from all the laterals completed and producing in that unit. Is all the laterals drilled in a unit consider one well or many wells. Or is it considered one well with many laterals and the reported BOE is from all the laterals from this one well with many laterals or per lateral or many wells and the BOE is from each producing lateral.

Hi, Captain!

In Texas (and I am reasonably certain that the same would hold true for other States) each Well or Lateral will have it's own Permit to Drill.

The Wells in any given Unit, however, can either be reported separately or together (Common Tank Battery and / or Metering Station).

You have to look each of them up and see it they are reporting the exact same production month to month or if there is a variation between each Well.

Hope this helps.

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