Unit corporation filed for chapter 11

I have mineral interest in some sections where UNIT has some producing wells. Does the filing for Chapter 11 give them the right, if they are continuing to produce To pay the my share of production to their creditors, employees, or share holders? May received a check for around $2,000 for oil & gas production. Around first week of June received notice they were filling for Chapter 11.

June 30, when I normally would receive my payment for production I received a conditional approval of disclosure statement; hearing to consider Final approval of disclosure statement and confirmation of plan;objection and Voting deadlines; and other relevant information.

I have no clue what my response should be.

Generally, the royalty owners continue to get paid their royalties. There are some excellent articles on the forum regarding bankruptcies. Go over to the BLOG area and look there. Or look up Wade Caldwell in the search.

Thank you very much for your response.

Also, go to the NARO category and look up Oil Company Bankruptcies and Info