Unit Bankruptcy

Just received a form for submitting a claim in the Unit bankruptcies. My only claim would be for royalties accrued but yet unpaid for O&G production from a single well under lease to Unit. The instructions included with the claim form does not mention royalty owners or how they would be able to determine the dollar amount of the claim.

Any help would be appreciated. Time is ticking toward a filing date that would bar the claim.

Mr. Brock- if the minerals in question are in Oklahoma you don’t need to do anything. Royalty owners are a protected class & the revenues are not part of Unit’s assets.

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Thanks, Todd. My concern was that I might be required to file a claim for royalties due but yet unpaid. I will now relax … until CLR follows suit! I suspect that there might be some delay involved while the Receiver gets organized?

Go over to the NARO category and the Bankruptcies topic for information.