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Tell me more about Brine. I have been asked to value a brine well and I am not familiar with that local market. What price and volume is typical in the area.

I do not know about your specific area but do know that some Smackover wells have brine that is very high in Bromine content. These brine wells are an important source for bromine. Saline waters are also found much shallower in formations like the Wilcox ect. The state Oil and Gas Commission is headquartered in El Dorado their website is http://www.aogc.state.ar.us/ . There is also a state Geological Survey in Little Rock, http://www.geology.ar.gov/home/index.htm

I own mineral rights in el dorado,arkansas is anyone familiar with this area??

I don't know about EOG but from offers made in integration hearings, $100 to $220 per acre is about the range. I do know a company may drill a wildcat in S. Arkansas soon but it is a small company...but their first well in Arkansas.

Yea I don’t think it’s producing anything yet I’ll be getting alittle more info on it

Mcgowan working partners told me they will only pay up $25 in royalties should I get a lawyer involve to help me figure out if this is fair,they have been on our family properties for years now,I only own the mineral rights