Unexpected offer in Dawson County

I received a letter today from a landman in Midland, offering to buy my mineral rights in Dawson County. I knew I had inherited some but had never tracked them down.

The offer is $3,200 for:

The SE/200 acres of Section 40, Block 35, T5N

I grew up in Seminole, so I doubt I would sell. Can anyone tell me where this is located and if anyone is doing any drilling in this area?


Hi Luke, The area you are referencing appears to be A-1228 which has a SE corner at the intersection of County Rd 25 and County Rd N in Dawson County. 32.6527N and 101.8854W if you prefer latitude and longitude. This is about 6.5 miles SE of Lamesa. I did not see any active drilling permits in the immediate area, but Lamesa county has 20 approved permits in the last year with many in Block 36.


Below is the Railroad Commission map with Blk 35 T5N, Section 40 outlined in red. There are three surveys in that section so you’ll need to figure out your survey name or abstract number to pin down the exact location.

The map isn’t showing any new permits or recent drilling in your immediate area but CGS is currently drilling some strong horizontal wells a ways west of your location. The permit that looks the closest would be about 4 miles from you.

It’s not surprising you got an offer to sell. You"re smart to check things out before going any further.


Dusty and Peter,

Thanks for the info and advice. I will just sit on it and see what develops. Most of my mineral rights are in Lea County, NE of Lovington, NM. I have 320 acres there that are open for lease. The company that had leased it went under last year. It was originally homesteader by my great, great uncle and my great aunt would ride her horse over from Kermit, to wind the 8 day clock and start a fire in the fireplace.

The Permian Basis is an interesting place.

My best regards, Luke


I own minerals in that area. Do you mind sharing who made that offer?

I have a group that might be interested in leasing the Lea County tract. Can you provide the legal description?

Lea County, NM

Township 15 South, Range 36 East, N.M.P.M. Section 14: S/2 NW/4 & N/2 SW/4

Township 15 South, Range 36 East, N.M.P.M. Section 23: NW/4

Thanks. I think that area is a little too far away from their current area, but I forwarded your tracts on and they’ll reach out if they’re interested.

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