Undivided property in Louisiana

We have some property located in the DeSota Parish area, there are six owners in this property. A company contacted us and had signed 5 of the 6 owners up. That was a little over a month ago but have not completed the lease work/payment on the last one. My question is “can the one unsigned owner, talk to another company that has wanted to sign this property to a lease?” It seems like the company that has signed 5 people up are dragging their feet for some reason or other.

Chase said:


Yes. As an owner of an undivided mineral interest, you are free to negotiate and execute mineral leases apart from the other undivided interest owners.

Are you an owner in the old Evie C. Smith land?

Chase Guidry
Independent Petroleum Landman

Yes it is part of that property near Pelican, LA.

Chase Guidry said:

We own interest in some property a few miles west of your land.

I am surprised Chesapeak didn’t lease the last owner.

They say they want to but keep dragging their feet. We have been fooling with them since the first part of March, took over a month for them to pay for the last one they signed. Do not understand that their problem is but am tired talking about it. Not really talking to the company except thru a land leasing group and have been round and round with them.