Undivided Interest - Should Gross Acres and Net Acres be the same?

I'm looking over an "Order Of Payment" sent to us as part of a lease offer. I don't understand the "Net Acres" portion. If I have an undivided interest in 35 acres, why is my Net acres only about 14? What happened to the other 60%.



Hi Gary,

You would have to own a 100% interest in the acreage in order for the gross acres and the net acres to be equal. Given your calculations, it is likely that you only own an undivided 40% interest in the 35 acres (net 14 acres) and therefore persons own the remaining undivided 60% (net 21 acres).

Hope this helps.

I understand that when the description reads something like:

"An undivided 1/8 interest in the " (land description) that means you share the interest

but does:

"An undivided interest in the " (land description) with no fraction mean that you own 100% interest?

I have attached a snip of my description.

Sorry, I'm a little new at this.



1093-snip.JPG (11.1 KB)


The deed doesn't necessarily have to have the fraction of the interest explicitly stated. The only way to know is to run the tract from inception.



Got it. Thanks for the information Jean and Parker.


No, just because you own an undivided interest in the surface or minerals of a tract of land does NOT mean that you own a 100% interest. If I convey to you a 10% interest in my land, that means an undivided 10% interest.