Understanding the OCC Flow


Following a process for pooling through the OAP (Case 20180090) and understanding the typical process: In this case, application, public notices filed, hearing date set for 12/31, affidavits and then 10 days before the pooling hearing, a protest filed from BP on 12/20. Now nothing on the OAP site…

Does this mean the hearing did not take place? Was it tolled? Was it dropped? Or is it moved to another area in the OCC?

Just wondering…


Could you check the last digit on the case. You are missing one.


Sorry… thanks in the future for your guidance…

CD 201810090 ---- too slippery fingers for this time of year…


I doubt it has gone anywhere yet. There is no hearing notice. Once there is, go look on the Docket page and follow it there. Find the date that the hearing was supposed to be held and then hunt and see if it was.


On December 31, 2018, the lawyer for Native and the lawyer for BP agreed to continue the matter to the Continued Docket (a Monday or a Tuesday) or the Protested Docket (Wed, Thur or Fri). The parties who showed up at the initial hearing are the only parties who have notice of the continued date.

You can find the setting date on the OCC site that uses jinitiator–if you can get it to work.