Understanding Production

I was looking at completed wells close to the area where I have rights. Ran across some information on a well I don't understand. The well production started June '09. The well completion data shows the initial test at 215 BBL/day oil and 219 MCF/day gas. The OCC website shows gas production but no oil production for '09 or '10. This is a horizontal well in sec 8-6N-5W Grady county Oklahoma, Beutler Trust 1-8H.

Could this be correct or is all info not updated on the website? I am using the archived oil and gas database application.

Unfortunately, the Corporation Commission does not publish oil production data; only gas production is publically available. If you would like to verify oil production data you will need to contact the Oklahoma Tax Commission. If you are a royalty owner in the well in question, they should be able to give you oil production data for no charge. If you are not a royalty owner, they charge $20 for fifteen wells (or something along those lines). Wait time is four to six weeks though for the production data. They only have one person working that area. The only other alternative that I am aware of is going to a data warehouse (i.e. IHS Energy) and purchasing the production data, which is on demand if you have a subscription. Cost is $6/well with a minimum monthly charge of $25.

Thank you Jason. As is obvious I didn't know. If I want is bad enough I know it is available for a price.

From my experience using these databases, I have noticed that production records are sometimes either incomplete or missing. I don't think you can assume anything about your oil or condensate or liquids production from looking only at the OCC databases. Maybe someone knows the process of reporting by oil and gas purchasers, but it either must not be an absolute requirement, OR else they do a lousy job of updating the OCC databases.

I would also like to hear from others; is there a more reliable source, such as DrillingInfo.com (which unfortunately is far too expensive for the average user)?

Gary, If you or someone you know is a royality owner in the section it wouldn't hurt to just call Western Oil and ask. They may have a royality owner relations department that can answer your questions. On the occ site it looks like they produced gas from the Hunton formation until March '10 and then from the Woodford until June '10.