Understanding NMA Payouts w/ or w/o Pumping Units

I am very new to understanding NMA calculations and need all the simplistic help I can find! How are NMA calculated on mineral acres with pumping units as opposed to acreage with only horizontal pipe? Any help is greatly appreciated, including who to ask. Thanks!

Please post this question in the state and county where you have the mineral rights. And give a location if you feel comfortable (Section, township, range or abstract). The laws differ by state, so the answer will differ slightly on the horizontal well portion of your question.

Thank you. This would be in Burke, Divide and Billings Counties, North Dakota.

Go up to the New Topics button and find North Dakota Minerals and the Counties. Post the question there in Divide with one of the section, township and ranges and I will answer there. That way it will help more people. The spacings in ND can be quite large, so I need to look up your wells and can show you links.

Thank you–I just posted it in Billings County.

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