Under Paid for Royalty Payments

Help!!! I am sure that we are NOT being paid the correct royalty interest from our old 1954 oil/gas lease. I am confused on where to start. We have gone from being paid on 17 wells down to 6 due to Horizontal Well 247273 Antioch Field (Claiborne Parish) placed by Tellus running through our property. Most of our wells have been shut in for future use and I’m pretty sure we should be paid something for the shut in wells. Operators changed at least 7 times in the past 16 years. Looking for the best course of action. Landman 1st, Title Co to verify what we own??? then find oil/gas atty ?? Please advise

Also, back in the early 90’s the oil/gas company would sent a list of everyone that was being paid on your well including working interest owners. Are they now not required to provide that info?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Wendy, do you and your family own the lands above minerals? If not, there can be issues with “presription” if production ceases for 10 or more years. In that event the minerals, or a portion of the minerals, will revert to the current landowner. In what Section, Township and Range are your minerals located?

If your old vertical wells are shut in, you will not receive payment unless you have that clause in your lease. They may have just reached their productive limit. No sales, no royalties. This is normal. Horizontal wells usually do much better and can take up the slack. They may be in a different reservoir. The companies do not regularly send a complete list of owners these days. Contact the operator’s Division Order or revenue department first and ask questions. Send them a certified letter return receipt. Contact an oil and gas attorney if you think you have an issue.

Hi there Scotty,

I appreciate your response! Our family name is Frank/AlmerWashington. We have top soil/mineral rights in Sec 28/22N/05W where this well 222793 G Washington is located. This well was permitted in 1998. I cannot find a lease for this well on separate property. Our grandma passed in 1990. No one signed a new lease for this well that I can find. We would love to pump this well, as I bet there is NO LEASE.

The other 720 acs we have mineral only, Sections 3,4,9,28, 29 32, 33, 34 . If you look at current maps the Washington name has been pretty much been wiped away. Sheriff Deed 357160 March 1992 sold top soil. Is there a way to find out the payees on this Sheriff Deed? Also, I was not aware of this 10 year rule…Let me know if you spot any wells in jeopardy…

My goal is to get someone to research what we own, who is being paid on our wells, and will seek attorney to collect underpaid royalties.Do you have a list of landmen you can refer me to or a good title company? Please advise…I appreciate your help!

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