Unclaimed Property

Hello. I am new to the mineral interest issue. It appears my deceased grandfather had mineral interest in Garvin County. It is being held by the Oklahoma State Treasurer. The property was not included in his 1977 probate. I made a claim. The contact person with the unclaimed property division is requesting a mineral deed or other proof of ownership. The property has been pooled. My question is how will I go about obtaining the deed?

Thanks a million.

Property ID 2555793 Section 35 Township 4N Range 2W Pooling 547457

Property ID 2555810 Section 35 Township 4N Range 2W Pooling 547761

Mr. Jackson,

You will need to get a copy of the deed that your Father got it from. Do you know how your Father received it?


Are you local to Garvin County?

You can call the county clerks office at 405-238-2772 and ask them to look for a deed to your grandfather prior to 1977 or if you think he inherited it from someone they can look for a probate on that person, but you will need to give them a name.

Friend me and I will give you some places to start. This could take a while.....

Mr. Cox,

My grandfather had mineral interest in Coal County which was included in his probate. That property was passed on to his heirs. Subsequently, I did a search of the unclaimed property and the Garvin County property came up. Quite frankly I was surprised to find the property. No mention of it in the family or in the probate documents.

I am in Oklahoma City. It appears a trip to Pauls Valley is in order.

Thank you Darla. I wasn't sure if I should contact the oil company or just run the county records. I will call the county clerk tomorrow.

I sure will. Thank you for the response.

Robert, If you have the time I believe this is something you can do yourself. I would take a morning to drive to Pauls Valley.

I have found a big smile and patience will go a long way with the Court Clerks. Ask them to help you search for your Grandfather as a "Grantee". This is a common term that indicates the person who was receiving.

If they can find him and identify the BK/PG of that instrument of conveyance. You now have the address of the document in the library of Records. These records are public and can be photographed for your records (you may need to sign a waiver promising to not be an abstractor) or you can generally pay a small fee to get a copy printed off for you.

That deed is going to be the Key. Get that and the rest is easy.


the production company will have transferred this to the state unclaimed property if it has been more than 2 years in suspence.

Thanks again Ben. I appreciate the advice.