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Hello, and thanks for reading. I have inherited mineral rights from my father more then 15 years ago. I have done all the paperwork, and have received some royalties . Things have been quiet , and while I got board, I filed and unclaimed property with Oklahoma. I just received 22 pages of unclaimed royalties. Six property ID’s per page. There is legal descriptions, Id numbers , holder I’d. Numbers. I just can’t seem to find out anything on them. They include counties, Garvin, Stephen’s, and Roger Mills. Thanks for any help. I did fill out the proper paperwork, and mailed it back

What you might try to help in matching is : www.okcountyrecords.com It has most of the counties in OK and if you are missing a few, some of us have those links. It is free to look and costs a little bit to print. Type in your father’s name and a few ways it can be misspelled. Look for deeds, mineral leases, etc. and that may help.

To add on to M_Barnes’ post - if you father also inherited the interest from family members then you may try searching those names as well in OK County Records. There may be an affidavit or probate filed along the way that doesn’t have your father’s name listed in the index search but still transferred the interest into his name.

Good luck!

I would do some research as M_Barnes suggested. These could be interest you just didn’t know about or it could be that your father inherited or acquired his mineral interest from multiple people. For example could be a scenario where both your grandparents owned mineral interest and you only knew about the interest from your grandmother. You could also reach out to the operator for these wells to find out more information.

For Oklahoma check Mineral Owners Escrow Account and Oklahoma unclaimed property. You should also search states where your father lived. Also it is not a bad idea to check Texas & Delaware unclaimed property as well. There are excellent websites as guides that describe how to go about these searches.

If the unclaimed funds have legal descriptions, that is your first place to start. If you are good at Excel, you can set up a spreadsheet and use each of the unclaimed funds properties code numbers as the beginning cell, then add in the legal descriptions as the next cell. Add county and state, etc. Then as you find out more, you can add more cells. Once you have your list put together, make sure that you have your name and address and the descriptions filed in the county courthouse of each county. You said you inherited. If you have a probate list, that is a good place to start in getting organized. Start a digital and/or paper folder for each property. You may have more than one well on a tract of mineral ownership. We have our files organized by township, then range, then section. Within the TRS folder, we have all Division Orders, all leases, all communication, all OCC cases, well information, etc. Oldest at the back and newest at the front. Organize it the way it makes the most sense to you.

Here are some other links that may be very helpful to you. Pending OCC cases at the following link: Case Processing Online

Actual cases if you have the case numbers: OAP

Docket proceedings: http://www.occeweb.com/ap/docket_results.html

Well activity: Test

Production: Gross Production

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