Unclaimed Property -- don't give up, do your own research!

Thanks to the resources I learned about in this Forum, I recently won an 8 month long battle with OK Unclaimed Property to prove ownership of mineral rights originally owned by my grandfather. The source of the funds was a forced pooling order that happened soon after my mother’s death ten years ago, and that operation had been sold THREE times since then. Even tho I am now the legal owner, even tho I was an only child clearly named in the will/trust, in spite of all the obvious evidence, they were not satisfied and needed more proof, and more, then more. I did not give up and dug into the challenge.

In these forums, I learned that I can access public records through county clerk websites and do my own research – this is an amazing tool, use it! I also struck gold with some very helpful people at Laredo, then Enervest, who had the patience to do a deep dive into the old database and take screen shots of division orders, etc.

In the end, I had sent about ten pounds of original documents and countless hours trying to untangle the knots to figure out how to satisfy the dutiful clerk at OK Unclaimed Property. It was a large amount from when prices were sky high and wells were new, so it was worth it!! Thank you to the folks who run and populate this forum, it was a great day when I found the resources and wisdom here and it set me off in the right direction. Can’t believe I finally won : )


Well DONE! Congrats to you for tenacity and learning new skills!

Now it is time to make sure that your plans are in place so that you heirs or intended beneficiaries receive the asset without probate or hassles.

Congratulations. Your story is a great example of the benefits of never giving up!

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