Unclaimed mineral rights

I recently received ownership or rights to 1% of four wells in LaSalle from my grandfather which was left in trust for me. My grandfather has been dead over 27 years and he started in 1942. Are all of the royalties that were unclaimed put into an account and then if not claimed turned over to the State of Texas lost property? And if so, how do i get them to help me claim it because we tried and they werent helpful. I have all of the paperwork including thje API numbers, locations etc of the wells. They seemed to have done very well with oil and gas. I did receive one check for 20 dollars, I believe that was for water. How much can my 1% be worth over the course of 27 years

Texas comptroller unclaimed property,the state of Arkansas and Delaware, all of those sites may show that money is and has been held.

May be a good idea to look in the state where your grandparents live and the state where the Main Office is for whatever company did the drilling.

Someone I know had some in Texas, but for reason reasons unknown the money was being held in Oklahoma.

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