Unclaimed Mineral Rights

I recently leased some of my mineral rights to XTO Energy thru Ted W. Walters in Tyler, Tx. I was informed by the landman that I also had unclaimed mineral rights in another tract that was being held in Harrison County. He gave me the name of a lawyer to contact about this matter along with the Cause number, Volume number, and the name of the survey. I contacted the law firm and talked to a secretary and provided her with the information provided to me, but have not received any call back from the attorney.

As I have other leased mineral rights in Harrison County and pay taxes on the leases as well, I guess I do not understand how I cannot be found about other tracts. I also do not know how to proceed with claiming my unclaimed mineral rights if the lawyer does not return my call. I also am confused as to why a law firm would be involved in this matter as well. I do not have a lot of knowledge about these matters, so any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.


trying to collect will be a nitemare ! I have been at it for a year to little avail. The state of Texas is a nitemare trying to get anything released. If there are other heirs et cetera just forget it. I have had an attorney at it for over 6 months and it is redtape as you have ever run into. PLUS you will get billed for taxes before you ever get a penny. Sorry for bad news but pal you are in for a long ride in the rain bareback . I dont sign on much anymore but willcheck later good friigggin luck There will be 4 different legal entities envolved and all are attornies suckin the air out>>Actually the people at Harrison Co are nice but redtape is beyond belief' The tax attornies are useless and the buckgets passed like a greased pig Maybe I will tell you how I really feel some day.-

Thank you for your response, Joe. My mother was an only child of my grandfather (mineral rights owner) and I am an only child of my mother, who is deceased. As a result, the buck stops with me, so to speak. As stated in my original posting, I already have multiple tracts of mineral rights in Harrison County that I pay taxes on, so the "could not be located" excuse is really irritating to me. I simply had no idea as to how to proceed under such a set of circumstances. Not sure whether to go to the courthouse, keep calling the attorneys office or what. Thanks again for your response.


This article is pretty basic, but may provide you with some ideas.


Thank you for the information.