Unable to locate mineral right owner

I have post alot of questions on this forum I find it is very informative and very kind in its response My next question is..... If the landmand or oil company are unable to find you and you have mineral rights in Richland Co Mt back in 2005 are they able to bypass you? I thought I sold my 5.85185 acres on tw 22 north range 59 east section 27 W 1/2 on 320 acres I know this might seem like a silly question dosent a person know if they sold or not? But at the time I guess i was young and dumb and not to knowledge about as to the way they approach you can anyone give me any thoughts as to how to go about the process of finding out if I was unable to locate and if I am owed any back royalties Thank you all again Theresa Hennen


You can have the records researched at the County Clerks office to verify in whose name the minerals are recorded.

Thanks Charles