Typical Royalty Rate Percentages for Alfalfa County

What are the typical royalty rate/percentages for Alfalfa County?

I imagine 95% are at 3/16ths, I have seen some 1/8th and some 20% but very few. What you can get can depend on area. The SE area is not very good.

Inherited minerals, no copy of original lease and now trying to pursue lease arrangements, etc. Best avenue to locate information?

Do you have the Section, Township, and Range?

Legal: 31-25N-11 WIM

Alfalfa is not online so you'd have to call the clerk and get them to send you a copy or go to Cherokee which is the county seat. Just make certain you talk with the younger woman as the older one is not helpful and a pain in the......., I don't have any near term plans to go to Cherokee or I'd pick it up for you. Have you contacted the Lessee about change in ownership? Yours are in a good area. Prices were thru the roof a couple years ago but have come way back down with a lot selling as the Mississippian doesn't hold up very good in may parts and it is hit and miss.

Thanks Joe, appreciate your information.

I'm assuming the two producing wells in that section have stopped producing? I show two Chesapeake wells with 640 acre spacing in section 31.

Minimal production now. Apparently some outside interests in purchasing minerals in this area.