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I was trying to start a group for Tyler County, WEST VIRGINIA

I am very new to all of this and have never owned anything but a car. Anadarko contacted us telling us we inheirted 114 acres in the tyler county area, and they wanted to drill explor. using the land we owned. There are 6 of us 2 of which are cousins. I seem to be the only one that was able to find the property and follow the drilling. It was a successful drill and took them nearly three years to do it in. All of us signed a lease and returned it to Anadarko. The well was completed in Oct. 2010 and has production. I was able to pull up and print production Lease Query, form P-15, a location plat that shows they drilled under 21.5 acers of land that we inheirted, plus have a well that comes up on top of our property. I later than found out that there are 80 heirs to this property and I'm thinking our two cousins would be better off to pursue this matter. I don't think we will ever see any royalties from this? Is it worth me looking into I've kept in contact with Anadarko learning how to use the railroad site etc. They have told me I have an interest in the property but I don't know how to get a title to it or anything eles. We live scattered through CA, and we have'nt spoken to one another in years until I contacted them as I found them on facebook. does anyone have advise to lend me?

See an attorney. Get as many relatives willing to split the cost together and hire one together. Pretty easy to fix most title issues if you all agree. Expensive if you don’t.

My Mom owns several tracts of mineral rights around Chandler, Texas. I have been contacted by a leasing company out of Fort Worth about leasing her rights. Offer is $250/Acre with 20% royalty. I do not live in that area and was curious whether there is much leasing activity going on around Tyler and whether the offer is a good one compared to what others may be currently offered. Also wondered if leasing activity is just starting to increase and whether to hold out for better offer later? Would appreciate any info. THANKS!

Hey William,

Chandler, Texas is in Henderson County, Texas not Tyler County, Texas. Tyler, Texas is approximately 12 miles East of Chandler, Texas. But Tyler, Texas is in Smith County, Texas not Tyler County, Texas. Yes, it is confusing......I live about 9 miles S/E of Chandler, Texas.

Henderson County, Texas is fairly active at this time. In the past year several fantastic Horizontal wells wells have been drilled in the southern part of the county. If you can supply me with the Abstract number I will post a GIS Map of your mothers minerals area.

This link is to Henderson County Group. You might want to join and receive updates when they happen on permits, completions and such.


Next post I will list some companies that are actually drilling in Henderson, County Texas.

Clint Liles


What was the name of the company in Ft. Worth that wanted to lease? Some of the companies/operators that are actually drilling in Henderson County, Texas are O'Benco, Inc., Eagle Land Services Inc., Maximus Operating, LTD., Silver Tusk Operating Co. LLC., and TDX Energy, LLC.

Link to Texas Oil and Gas Directory(Contact Information)


Clint Liles

The company is Birchman Land Services LLC, out of Fort Worth, TX. Any thoughts as to whether the lease offer is reasonable or not, considering what is going on in that area? Mom's rights are in T.Y. Buford Survey, Abstract No. 112. She also has rights in Benjamin H. Walls Survey, Abstract No. 833. THANKS!


At this time I don't see any activity in the Henderson County area of A-112. If the lease offer of $250/20% was for this area I would say that was a fair offer.

GIS Map Of Henderson County, Texas A-112 and surrounding area:

Clint Liles


Now I see where A-833 and A-112 are in the same general area. So the same goes for a lease offering on A-833. $250/20% seems fair at this time. The good Horizontal wells that have been drilled this year in Henderson County, most of them are to the south several miles. Also, 1 fantastic well was drilled and completed under Cedar Creek Lake.

GIS Map of Henderson County, Texas A-833:

Clint Liles

Thanks for the info, Clint!

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