Tyler Co. WV--Antero

I received a letter from Antero for oil & gas lease. located on the waters Wheelers Run in the District of Centerville, Tyler Co. 121.75 acres fractural Tax parcel ID 1-3-p/o 1 for $250.00 bonus & 15% (3/20th). It says the offer is null & void after 10 days & it has been longer than that since I received it. I read in this forum that people are receiving money for acres, but there is no mention of this in my lease. The land belonged to C. I Powell my Father's Great Grandfather. I called Antero & was told there were 600 or 700 heirs. There is no way this is true. There are no relatives left on my Fathers side. I have 4 siblings. Are grand children & great grand children considered heirs? Also, if one person agrees & signs a lease is everyone bound by that? I am just too old to try & figure this out. But the money would come in handy. I just don't know if the money they are offering is fair. I wouldn't want to sign the lease & cost my siblings money.

You might want to tell them that before you consider signing, you would like a copy of the Title Run.

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Pat, thank u very much. I don't know what a Title Run is but I will look it up.

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