Tying up minerals with minimum yearly payment

I have a small interest in a section in Pope County, Arkansas. In 1995, a well was drilled on the section and I have received yearly payments that have never totaled more than $42 in any given year. Last year I received a total of $5. It does not seem fair that my minerals can continue to be tied up without production. Do I have any remedy for this situation?

any and all help will be appreciated,

bill r. jordan

I'm sorry to say you probably have no recourse. There is probably even a shut in oil and gas clause which states that they can pay $1 per acre per year rent and controll your minerals forever. Reread your lease. RWK

It may just be the fact like you say, you have a small interest. If your interest is mineral, what is your royalty decimal on your revenue statements or how many mineral acres?

You can check the production rates on the well against what they are paying you on.

Go here and click on well data in the upper right: