Two abstract numbers for same area?

Hi again,

This is pertaining to C-18, Section 9 in Reeves County.

When I look on the Railroad Commission GIS map the area in question is shown with one abstract number (3608).

When I look on the Texas General Land Office GIS web site it shows the same area as

abstract number 3600.

When I search for AB-3600 in the RRC data base it says there is nothing for that number but 3608 comes up.

When I search the GLO database, there is nothing for 3608 but info for 3600.

The map shows the same area for both. Is this possible or is there an error somewhere?

I started looking this up as we are being asked for an easement.

Any insight would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Mary Bell

Appears to be a mistake on the RRC map. The GLO's number should be accurate.

Thank you. I wasn't sure.


Hold tight, Mary!

Attached are GLO Information Sheets on A-3600 & A-3608 in Reeves County, along with a map of A-3608 from DrillingInfo that appear to be as confusing as you described.

The GLO Land Grant Search page didn't find anything under the name Robison, Jessie but did find a Section 27, Block 45, PSL waay to the Western side of Reeves County, practically to the Culberson County line. And it didn't have anything to do with Jessie Robison or A-3608.

I have sent this conflicting information to Walter Talley with the GLO's Land Classification Office and asked him to pull their files on both A-3600 & A-3608 to see if he can straighten the situation out.

Will let you know when he responds.


Thank you Charles.

I don't have any idea about the name Jessie Robinson. It is not on any of the paper work I have seen.

and I'm still looking for the attachments. (I'm am somewhat new/less than a year to this forum).

I am anxious to see what is found.

Thanks again for your interest and help.


Hi Mary -

Sometimes The Forum's software doesn't upload files the right way. If you would like them, then accept my offer to become A Friend on The Forum which I will send in a moment and give me your email address and I will send them that way.

In the meantime, see if you can download the attached map. Walter with the GLO responded to my inquiry that the RRC's GIS System and, therefore DrillingInfo's Mapping which is what I use, are both incorrect.

That Section 9, Block C18, which is an Irregular Section, has three Abstract Numbers associated with it, A-1381 which is the SW Part of the Section, A-1845 which is the Northern Part of the Section and A-3600, which is the SE Part of the Section.

The GLO Files Rule in this case. It's A-3600, not A-3608.

Hope this helps -


718-SEC9BLKC18.pdf (50.2 KB)

Jessie Robison is the name of the Survey I found on the GLO's Land Grant Search Page as being Secction 27, Block 45 PSL, A-3608. It is waaay to the West of the lands you are looking at, almost to the Culberson County Line. You don't need to worry about that one.

GLO Land Grant Search Page:

The general Search will get you a one page information sheet on a given Abstract. If you see a link to a File Number or to a "PDF", that will allow you to download the original Land File. Sometimes very helpful.

Yes it does help.

Thank you again for your help and information.

With the correct information I was able to go on another site and find paperwork that has been filed for ownership, affidavits for heirs and probate, leases and ROW's etc...

Very interesting stuff! And finally have the abstract information that I wanted.

Thanks again!!


There are a number of websites that provide that sort of information and a number of the Counties also provide that information online. TexasFile is an excellent one.

Just bear in mind that while they might have the Deed Records online, they may not have things like the old Oil and Gas Records, Miscellaneous Records and things like that online.

Depending upon what it is you are trying to determine, you may have to go the the Count Clerk's Office.

County and District Court Clerk's Records are practically never available online.