Tuscola County Michigan - Current Activity?

We have been offered a land lease for mineral righs on approximately 250 acres in Tuscola County Michigan. This ara is located in the thumb. The company making the offer is Bay City Oil.

We have not signed anything and are inthe process of learning more about the whle propspect of a lease. Does anyone know of any current activity in this area? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

There currently are no permits to drill or applications for permits to drill in Tuscola County.Although that does not mean there wont be any drilling in the future. In years past Tuscola County has had quite a bit of drilling which was sucessful, and to many different producing formations. The 80s and 90`s had a lot of drilling, but not a lot since then.

BAY CITY OIL CONTACTED ME LAST YEAR FOR $50.00 an acre ,for 160 acres.for 5 years with the option for 5 more years at the same price ,that does not even pay the taxes in the area,for those years ,HBO had a special on where they contaminated their wells ,put a flame to the water line ,a flash gas in line.every one was getting sick,ask question,no longer wanted my lease,how could you sell your property ,if you had to ,they are paying $1500 an acre further up north.DENNIS GOOD LUCK.LET ME KNOW WHAT GOING ON ,THANK YOU