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What’s going on in Tuscarawas County? Has Chesapeake showed up yet? Who else is playing ball there? Any reasonable offers?



Yes, Chesapeake is active. I was contacted by RedSky Land with what I think is a reasonable initial offer. Recently, an offer came from Avalanche Energy for WRP Energy, better in some ways, worse in others.

I own property in the Newcomerstown area but live 270 miles East. Not an ideal situation, but we'll make it work.

I'm hoping there is a landowner's group that I can get in touch with. Any insights on that?


Willie, Thanks for your response. I am affiliated with, or I should say very remotely acquainted with, a group who recently negotiated a deal on 20,000+ acres in 3 counties just SE of you. There has been talk of them forming another group, but when and where is uncertain. It would be logical for them to grow to the West/Northwest which should include you, so stay tuned. I am surprised at the lack of activity as to the Tuscarawas County site here. Is that indicative of a lack of activity as to leasing activity there? It sounds like you have been approached by at least two different sources, so what’s up? Not to get too personal, and you don’t have to be specific, but are you a big landowner? Just trying to guage if they are approaching the big guys now, and will trickle down to smaller landowners later. Thanks


I have a friend that might be able to help you get your property leased at a geat price. ( EDITED Use the private messaging system for any advice or contacts. Leave the soliciting out of the forums and comments)

what are the leases being sold for,and who is buying them.i have been hearing different amounts.

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what is going on with the gas buisness in tuscarwas county,ohio.alot of people in my area have been contacted and signed with company but i have not heard one thing ,are they still obtaining property in this area,i live in washington township in portwashington