Tuscaloosa Marine Shale in Southwest MS and Louisiana

Have any of you mineral rights owners benefitted from the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale news?

Hi Robert, looks like this play has played out given the big doins in the Permian and Midland basins.

I concur-- we have land in the northern part of the Tuscaloosa Shale (southern Adams County). 2 companies approached us some years ago re exploration, but they eventually lost interest and never explored. I wonder why the Tuscaloosa Shale has “played out”? Does that mean that production is not promising enough to justify exploration costs? Or, is it just that other fields have more more production potential?

Australias oil and gas are leasing in Amite county ms and have started drilling around there as well breathing new life into the TMS so don’t give up on this play just yet

Are you hearing anything new about this?

We’ve got an interest in a Wilkerson County Unit (about 14,000 acres +). It’s been producing for several years, but not prolific. Flaring gas. Unlikely to drill second well, so I suppose, the one well will hold 1,400 acres.

Have you seen any activity in the TMS / Amite or Wilkerson counties lately? Melinda Herrington