Turner well 1-7

Can anyone tell me what is going on with Turner Well 1-7 Turner1H-07-06/08-06W. I am new to this site and do not know much about anything. Any information anyone can give me would be more than helpful. Thank you for your time Nancy

Are you asking about Turner 1H-07-06 in Grady 18-8N-6W? It was completed in November 2017. What else do you need to know?

Yes that is the one. We are slotted for 8 more wells. Have not heard any thing on those yet. Minerals coming out of ground have slowed to a crawl. Have not heard anything about what Palomas intention to do are either.Anything that you can tell me would be heipful. Thanks.

I do not see an increased density case at the OCC for any extra wells. Paloma bought a lot of acreage from TPR, so taking a while to get that all straightened out and start filing new cases. If they do decide to drill, you will get the mailings on cases from them.