Trying to secure suspended royalty from Chesapeake

I have under good authority that we have royalties in suspense with CHK. I have written several letters claiming these royalties and have corresponded via emails over seven months now. I have gotten nothing but the "run around". What is the secret to getting the "right" person in that company to address my claim?

Ruthann, you might have to have a lawyer send the letter on his letterhead, possibly with a CC to CHK's legal department.

"run around" can mean different things. What is the underlying reason they are giving that they are holding the payments in suspense?

In most Oklahoma cases I have seen, the oil company was within their rights to hold the payments because the title was not clear due to deficiencies on the part of the complaining mineral owner. Usually it is not their burden to clear these issues.

While Mr. Kennedy's response may be correct, they may already given you the process to release the funds, although you might not agree with it. Sadly, sometimes the communication may be vague or incorrect and as the decisions travel up the chain, may be further restricted. Ultimately they are responsible to pay the correct party and if the incorrect party is paid, they may have to pay again to the correct party with no means to recover previously paid funds.

Sometimes the letter will free it up, and sometimes it will make them dig their heels in further.

Regardless, you really did not provide enough info to get a good recommendation.

Rick, you have a point. Sometimes a company has a title requirement and it seems they don't want to tell you what it is because you might start proceedings to meet the title requirement and then they have to pay you. From an operators/lessees standpoint, the less they tell you the better. I think the operator will probably be a little more forthcoming when a lawyer writes the letter.

There is a phone number on their website called customer relations. I left message with a real live person, got kicked around a bit, put on hold but someone actually wrote me an email with the answer I wanted within a few days. Write down every name you talk to. Keep the records. There are inside land people who are in charge of different counties, zones, fields and leases. CHK will give you an internal number to reference. It takes a while to find your "buddy". They have tens of thousands of "customers" and everyone of those is screaming at a different pitch. Try not to be one. Be polite, ask the question without apology and if someone does not get back to you within 30 days, get an attorney who works on percentage. That way he will work for it if he wants to get paid.

I do want to add that we were frac'ed in January, sold in Feb and March and I still do not have DO's or funds. It takes a lot of time to get your first check. I signed up for bank transfers so I am waiting. I was told by the person I contacted in Feb that I would get do's in May, money in June so I know it is in suspense but patience is in order. I waited 3 years for them to "complete", another month or two won't kill me. Everyone should know that they use your money to make interest, just like the banks do so I guess one needs to learn patience. It is the most difficult process here. The other side of course is you should not let them poop on your head, hence an oil and gas attorney if all else fails. Choose one carefully.