Trying to locate the section from Company name

How do I find out what section a company is paying me for? Got a check from Warwick but not sure for which section Thanks

Is it safe and accurate to say that Warwick-jupiter LLC has Section 2-5n-5w?

If you are in Oklahoma you can try to look up by operator, county, well name etc.


Thank you for your help!

Hey Richard, hope that you are doing well. Had a law question which I am hoping you are able to answer: I am looking to download the hearing petition for a will probate in the district court of Grady County OK on behalf of my sister who died in Arkansas but has some mineral rights in Grady County which she left me. Doing a simple probate and just found out that I needed to send that hearing petition to the court along with all the other documents I already sent them. They have received the other docs and are in their system. Tried to find a downloadable hearing petition paper but having no luck so far. Another question for you: Do I need to be in court during that time when it comes before a judge? I live in North Carolina and was hoping to avoid having to travel there. Appreciate any help you can give me. Tim