Trying to get "Unit" declaration

I have been trying to get what is called a unit declaration in Texas. So my understanding is: After a productive well has been completed it may be used as the basis for a “unit”. To do so the operator will file a unit declaration showing a plat of the unit, drill sites within the unit along with information about the oil and (or) gas leases that make up the total acreage of the unit. I am trying to hunt down that document, the “Unit Declaration” - that is the name my research suggests it will be called. Anyone know where I can get that? Can I get it online from the Texas RRC? Thank you in advance.

Seekinginfo, if you can post the county and survey abstract number and well name, someone on this board may be able to find the unit declaration for you.

SeekingInfo: Anything that effects Title to Real Property, which in Texas includes any style of ownership in Surface, Mineral or Royalty Interest, must be filed in the Public (County) Records.

Before we spent a lot of more time on this, what is the legal description of your lands?

Answering your question might be a whole lot simpler than it might need to be.

You are mixing concepts. A DPU (declaration of pooled unit) is generally filled in deed records before e[wells are drilled and commits acreage and specified depths to wells. It joins tracts with different ownership and mineral owners are paid based on their net mineral acres in unit. DPU will have plat and list leases. Plat filed with RRC will show tracts and filing will list only one owner within w]each r[tract. No DPU is filed when acreage is all owned by same people in same fractional interests. The plat filed with RRC will outline the acreage. These are considered as lease wells undervalued production unit. Again, mineral owners will be paid based on net mineral acres within the tract. Some wells are filed with RRC as allocation or sharing wells. The plat will show various tracts and there will not be a recorded DPU. Usually the mineral owners are paid based on the percentage of the producing horizontal wellbore which crosses the tract in which they own minerals. As mentioned by others, to get more guidance, you need to identify the well, operator, county, and preferably a legal description (section, survey, abstract etc).

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