True Grit I well

Have others Royalty owners in the True Grit 1 Well, Ward County been contacted about leasing the released well by Carrizo and Callon. The Company is Kettle Minerals of Austin, TX?

What is the estimated lease price per mineral acre in Sec1, Blk 1, A326 Ward County? New permits in the area? Thank you Mike


Are you sure that is a lease offer? Caddo Minerals is usually a mineral buyer and reseller.

Caddo simply buys via mass mail letters (primarily from the uninformed) and either slices it up and resells quickly on Energynet or holds for a bit, bundles with other interests, and sells upstream to a bigger fish.

There is an entire acquisition-marketing ecosystem into which these small-ish interests from citizen mineral owners are the root source. Don’t forget that.