Trucking natural gas


Apache has completed several wells on family property southwest of Toyah and another was “fast tracked” recently. The others have been completed for at least 3 months (that includes the fracking). Last month we saw our first royalty check and were happy with it - though we don’t have point of reference. It represented production from three wells in one unit. There is another unit on family property as well. My question is this. The royalties coding reflected natural gas production. As we understand, there is no pipeline completed in our specific area to provide transport. Does that mean this production was trucked, which doesn’t seem realistic for natural gas. I know each unit as a tank battery on it, but I was guessing the tank batteries were primarily for oil (which doesn’t make sense, since they are expecting very little oil from our wells). As you can tell, I am way out of my league in understanding the happenings in the modern oil field.


There has been some talk of well site compressors to truck away dry gas, but generally the only things trucked are oil, salt water, and NGLs.